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              Suzhou Boxun Instrument Co., Ltd

              CN EN

              Product Center

              Bring higher value to customers with better RoHS detector


              For electronic appliances, metal stamping, plastic packaging and other products to provide instrument solutions

              Cooperative customers

              The choice of trust for 200 + brand enterprises


              Committed to the production and sales of X-ray fluorescence analyzer

              Suzhou Boxun Instrument Co., Ltd. is a Sino US joint venture R & D, manufacturing, production and sales of X-ray fluorescence analysis instruments of high-tech enterprises, the company has X-ray fluorescence analysis technology experts, with advanced technology, service concept and advanced management mode, is product design, R & D, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the scientific and technological entities. Our products include RoHS, halogen analyzer, alloy analyzer, coating analyzer and precious metal analyzer. At the same time, the company maintains close cooperation with relevant institutes and enterprises in the field of real-time tracking of cutting-edge theories and technologies in the field of X-ray fluorescence analysis.


              Here is the latest case information of bosun instrument and related company activities